Fishing Vs Hunting – Which One’s Better?

I know a lot of people who enjoy both – fishing and hunting in their free times, but some people still seem to prefer one over the another. Why is that? In this review, i’ll be discussing in what ways fishing and hunting are different, and what makes both of them unique and fun outdoor activity. Let’s start with hunting.

Pros :

Activity – unless you’re waiting for bunch of birds to fly over you, you really need to walk a lot to hunt down the pray. And walking is healthy kind of exercise, and you won’t feel that tired, so it means that you’re exercising without even noticing it. That’s one big advantage for hunting, but if you’re using some kinds of machinery to transport from one spot to another, only hunting won’t really affect your health that much.

Group activity – hunting is something that people normally do in groups, so it can be really good for bringing people together to have fun and spend time together. Yes, you can do it alone, but most huntsmen i know prefer to do it with their buddies.

It’s extreme – Both fishing and hunting are somewhat boring, if you didn’t have those few moments when you have to shoot your pray in a matter of seconds or you’ve lost it. That’s when the blood rushes through the veins and you feel empowered in a weird way. I’ve rarely felt as much rush of adrenaline as i do while hunting.

Cons :

Because of all the guns, blades and other weapons involved, hunting is quite dangerous. Sure, if you know what you’re doing you’ll be fine, but still, no one is insured from accident. Plus, even though usually that’s not the case, some animals are dangerous too. Like bears and wild boars, which can easily kill a human, even if he’s armed. So, in order to avoid any accidents, i recommend you go to places which are safe from wild animals, or at least take experienced guy with you, who knows the place and can keep you out of danger. This is not something that should be ignored, i’ve seen a lot of hunting accidents that ended up with death of newbie hunter.

Now, let’s talk about fishing. Pro’s are actually pretty much the same, so i won’t waste your time talking too much about them. It may be a little less extreme and lonelier activity though. A lot of people go on ice fishing trips together, but more people tend to do it alone. And forgot to mention, fishing is cheaper as well. For example, best ice fishing gloves can be bought for less than two or three dozen dollars, while in hunting, rifles alone might cost you 10 times that much. Same with fishing rods – they are much, much cheaper. Although for ice fishing, you still need high quality warm clothes to survive the freezing cold temperature, and those tend to be pretty expensive as well.

That was it. Even though fishing part was quite shorter than hunting, i hope it sums up the topic pretty well. Please let me know if you like my Britains-Rc2 blog and wait for my next posts!

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