Best Ways to Encourage Kids to Spend time outdoors

During the last few decades, technological roller coaster has been taking place, which means that everything we knew or believed changed in a blink of an eye. For example, just few decades, 30 years ago, kids like me used to play outside and enjoy fresh air, while recent generation seems to be quite opposite. Sure, we used to play few games here and there as well, but they were not as engaging as they are now, so we obviously didn’t do it as much as modern teenagers do.  This post is not supposed to be another banter about how young people are bad and worthless, but just genuine analysis of how we can encourage them to go outside and interact with the real world. Because let’s face it – even though staying at home playing all day might have its advantages, threats of remaining in stationary position all day are much worse. It can lower your blood pressure, and make you feel unhealthy after all. In order to avoid that, all you need to do is find friends to play soccer with, but not on PlayStation, but on real soccer field. Or any other sport where you have to run and jump a lot will also do.

But i think the real fun is going out with your friends and doing something you love, while exercising and getting healthy all at the same time. I’m talking about active hobbies like hunting, fishing and swimming, but in particular, i wanted to discuss ice fishing. Because i’ve personally been recruited by my friend, who invited me to join his ice fishing trip. At first, i was reluctant, just like most people would be, but shortly after going on few trips, i discovered whole new side of me. I’ve never been outdoors guy, and all of a sudden i wanted to go ice fishing every weekend, and all i could think about was finding the best ice shanty for my adventures.

Among many other options, joining the gym is pretty good one as well. A little workout can help both – your mental and physical health. I don’t know whether it’s only for me or not, but working out also makes me very creative and happy. It’s quite hard to start, but once you form the habit, you’ll see as getaway and relaxation rather than tiring task to do. But you don’t need to necessarily join gym to work out. There are plenty of ways to exercise by your own. Running and cycling are the simplest solutions in case you don’t want to join the gym.

I’ve also tried hiking every evening, and i must say, even though i didn’t have much success, it’s still awesome thing to do. If you live near place that you could possibly hike, definitely go for it. Nothing compares to coming home tired as hell, taking shower and falling asleep in few minutes.

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